Who is Subho?

The blog you are probably looking for is Subho’s Jejune Diet.  This blog is really my abandoned pursuit of understanding the ways of wordpress.

I am a Hyderabad-based writer and social activist. To sustain myself, I share my understanding of social media marketing and digital branding with individuals, brands and organizations. My role models include Mark Knopfler, Alfred E. Neuman and Shakyamuni Buddha. My interests lie in music, food, cinema, the list is rather long. I paint for a livelihood when I am absolutely broke.

My friends and I strive to create a fairer, more hopefilled world in different ways. One of them is through a citizen’s movement called SoCh. Another is through our catalog of fine tea.

If you have made it to this page, I am sure you will be visiting us elsewhere too. 🙂

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